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Champ’ Academy® is an original teambuilding concept, devised by Cinéréa Benelux, a glimpse into the life of the head of a Champagne wine cellar.

The concept

Cinéréa Benelux calls on your creative talent to work as a team on producing your own sparkling wine, by blending the five varieties of white grape found in the Champagne vineyards.

The schedule

  • The wine-expert-activity-leader uses an accelerated artificial method to give your wine some glorious bubbles. You could mistake them for the real thing!
  • Then create your brand, design the label, and plan how your vintage can be marketed and distributed.
  • There is a vote for the best, and indeed the worst, of all the sparkling drinks produced. Surprises guaranteed!
  • To round off this unique sparkling experience, crack open a bottle of genuine champagne.

The organiser

The leading organiser of high-end informal wine-tasting events in Belgium, Cinéréa Benelux organises business events based on various product tastings, such as wine, beer chocolate and so on.

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Champ’Academy®: an unforgettable day to stimulate your employees’ creative juices by inventing their own vintage champagne.

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