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Dubble B presents Go Team, an interactive urban treasure hunt, available in several towns and cities in Wallonia. Your employees will love this highly original event!

Go Team allows members of your organisation to explore a town or city in a fun and interactive way by collecting interesting information about it.

The Go Team concept

  • Interactive, team-based treasure hunt
  • From 20 people upwards
  • Outdoor activity
  • Minimum duration: 90 minutes
  • Maximum duration: 5 hours
  • Interactive and with a technology angle (iPad, GPS)
  • Explore the location of your choice from Liège, Namur, Redu and Pairi Daiza (Brugelette)
  • Find the waypoints indicated on a town plan
  • The aim: complete as many missions as possible and answer as many questions as you can

Benefits for your employees:

  • Encouraging learning and discovery
  • Fun and motivation
  • Forges a group dynamic
  • Team unity
  • Healthy competition

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Go Team: a teambuilding exercise where participating and hearing stories and anecdotes is more important than winning.

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