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Build a winning team spirit through a series of games devised by Discover Belgium. Teams must work as one if they are to escape...

The day starts pleasantly enough with a friendly aperitif during which assignments and objectives are set out. The next step is to select your team of 5 or 6 people and together decide upon a name. Led by your guide, you will then explore a town or city, and complete the game’s tasks:

  • a fearsome quiz,
  • a exclusive selfie competition,
  • an enigmatic puzzle,
  • a taste test, exploring local flavours.

You will also be introduced to local speciality dishes, sampling a delicious menu served in three different restaurants. In short, a varied schedule offering good times in a pleasant atmosphere, team spirit, and a treat for the taste buds.

A highly interactive escape game

The day ends with a something of a test. Each team has to escape from a mysterious chamber. Once the door slams shut, only your team spirit and a logical approach can save you. Each room offers a unique adventure experience. 

At stake, a great prize for the winning team.

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