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With Dubble B, new technologies are put to use helping your team to bond. Can you release the virtual prisoner?

During this teambuilding day, your staff will face a fiendish challenge: crack the code to open the prisoner’s cell, in a virtual world. Communication will be crucial if the objective is to be achieved and the prisoner brought back to reality.

The Infinite Loop concept

  • Participants will be split into small teams, the “White Hackers”.
  • Team members take it in turns to enter the virtual world wearing the virtual reality headset, and equipped with a remote control and the Infinite Loop guide.
  • This ambassador describes what they see to their team-mates.
  • Meanwhile, their team-mates try to find solutions to the puzzles set.
  • When they think they are ready, the players are pushed up to the second level.

Benefits for your employees:

  • Introduction to the principle of lean management
  • Communication
  • Team spirit

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The Infinite Loop: the world of video games used to help your employees to bond. A teambuilding exercise to delight and entertain!

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