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Are you looking for something a little different to do in Wallonia? Discover Belgium is offering a “Pub Tasting Tour” as an introduction to our delicious Walloon beers.

For this teambuilding activity, a zythologist will accompany you on a voyage of discovery of unusual bars and cafés. This expert on beer and brewing will regale you with refreshing stories about the town’s typical cafés, the specific properties of local beers, and facts about the breweries where they are made. Away from the already well-known Trappist beers and the big names in beer, micro-breweries are experiencing a meteoric rise. These beers are another area to discover, whether accompanying a meal, as aperitifs, or during an evening out.

Exploring bistros 

A “bistro crawl” is a fun way to explore any town, an experience enhanced by beer tasting!  This original activity is ideal for groups looking for something a little different.

A wholly relaxed teambuilding activity to generate a healthy team spirit.

The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.