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The Race is an outdoor teambuilding concept devised by Dubble B. Ideal for staff motivation!

The concept of “The Race”

  • Given some start-up capital to spend, participants design, build and decorate a go-kart.
  • Once the karts are complete, they are driven in a race to the finish line.
  • Each kart has four rounds of trials, of which two are timed.
  • However, speed alone will not ensure victory. Three judging criteria are used, namely originality, sturdiness and decoration.
  • Teams also face a series of challenges. The more of them they win, the more extras they can buy from the store to strengthen, decorate and customise their kart.

Which will be the winning strategy - being fast, fearless or fantastic? Regardless, the champagne will be flowing freely for the winners.

Benefits for your employees:

  • Fun and motivation
  • Forges a group dynamic
  • Learning
  • Stimulates employee’s creativity
  • Healthy competition

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“The Race”: more than just a go-kart race, it combines individual talents to serve a team.


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